Hi I’m Alana, your friendly Portland wedding florist!  Flowers and gorgeous floral design are my passion and I’m proud to say I’ve been in the floral industry for 20 years!  My floral career started in the floral department of natural food grocery stores Nature’s, Zupan’s, and Whole Foods.  I studied at the Floral Design Institute in Portland after falling in love with floral design and wanting to focus on weddings and special events!  I designed for several high-end floral shops before launching my own wedding floral company, Flowers by Alana.

Although my natural floral design style leans toward romantic and organic, with large bouquets lush with greenery, lots of soft petal-y goodness like garden roses and peonies, and incorporating interesting textures, colors, and shapes, my floral skills are versatile and I can design in any floral style.  

Environmental sustainability and equality is at the core of our company’s mission.  Flowers by Alana strives to support local farms and seeks organic and ecologically friendly flowers as much as we can.  I also strive to find environmentally friendly design methods that minimize petrochemicals and waste.  Flowers by Alana is also committed to standing for love in all forms with absolutely no judgement or prejudice.  I celebrate, embrace and am honored to provide flowers for all types of marriages, including interracial and same-sex weddings.